About Us Hamdan

HAMDAN is a family owned group of companies , for foreign trade & consulting .
HAMDAN has an extensive network of senior executives in the EU – MİDDLE EAST countries and associated companies in İstanbul –  Berlin – Bologna – Beirut – Tehran -London .
HAMDAN is active on various business areas with a team of highly experienced professionals.
HAMDAN is a global business company , doing business across the world , which refers to international trade.

The efforts and knowledge of our employees is not only an essential factor but a key to our success.

We interface between our clients, Refineries , Manufacturers & OE . Main suppliers and workshops; earning us a competitive edge that translates into greater advantage (both financially, technically) .

The underlying foundation of aspiration and objectives, is to become a multi-national corporation combining of consultancy, trading, commodities, raw materials, automotive, productions and application systems both nationally and internationally.